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Debra McFarlane (b.1974)


Debra McFarlane grew up in Wimbledon and graduated from Kingston University in 1997, having gained her BA Hons in Illustration. She went on to engage in a full-time career as a professional book illustrator, and is best known for her work for the prestigious Folio Society. Her books include most recently Peter Pan and Wendy by J.M. Barrie (2006), The Pink Fairy Book, edited by Andrew Lang (2007), and The Arabian Nights (2003). Debra has also been a regular and frequent contributor to The Radio Times.


Debra mostly works in the lengthy and meticulous medium of etching and aquatint in her book illustration work. As in painting the inks are applied to the plate by hand and the print then taken in one impression, each edition being therefore essentially unique. Debra continues to work full time as an artist and illustrator and lives in south-west London, working from her studio in an old wharf by the Thames in Hammersmith.

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